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16 August, 5 months ago

Arden Wood Shavings will be exhibiting at UK Dairy Day…

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7 September, 2 years ago

Thinking of visiting the UK Dairy Day? Find out more…

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General Chip Sawdust

General Chip Sawdust

You can upgrade to General Chip if you have a particular need for very high quality sawdust.

General Chip sawdust has the same attributes as Agrisorb but is especially high quality pure white softwood sawdust for special circumstances requiring a superior quality product.

Its graded consistent particle size means it stays in place on the mat without causing dust clouds and won’t cause system blockages.


  • More Economical (Super Absorbent)
  • Ideal for Slurry Systems
  • Ideal For Cow Mats
  • Quality Assured (Consistent Particle Size)

General Chip like Agrisorb can also be supplied in bales or bulk:

General Chip In Bales

Supplied in convenient polythene wrapped bales stacked on pallets of 36 bales covered in a water resistant stretch hood for outside storage. The special size and shape of the bales makes them easy to handle and pour. Each bale measures approx 800mm x 400mm x 200mm and weighs approx 21kg.

_DSC0149 _DSC0042

General Chip In Bulk

Supplied in a variety of vehicle types and sizes to suit your needs. General Chip in bulk can be unloaded by tipping, blowing or walking floor vehicles.

SAM1000A dairy-genChip sam1041A