Komfort-Bedding for Cattle

If you are looking for a hygienic, affordable and highly effective bedding solution for cattle, then look no further than our dried paper crumble bedding – KOMFORT BEDDING.

Ultra-comfy, very clean and extremely absorbent, Komfort-Bedding (dried paper bedding) is made from 100% paper crumb using innovative technology from Veolia Organics. It is produced from recycled paper, making it environmentally-friendly too.

Komfort-Bedding has been developed and produced specifically for use for dairy cows in cubicles or for cattle in loose housing, and being clean and dry, is suitable for other livestock bedding purposes too.

Once the bedding is ready to be changed, it can be safely spread as an organic fertiliser on farmland with the added benefits of the lime and high organic content to improve soil fertility. Approved by Defra, EA and Red Tractor for use as animal bedding.

Key benefits of using our Dried Paper Bedding for Cattle

  • Exceptional absorbency keeping cattle dry and clean
  • Soft and comfortable, encouraging cattle to relax in deep beds
  • Very clean product with minimal dust
  • Effectively reduces conditions such as Mastitis
  • Elevated pH – helps to reduce cell counts, improve health
  • Works well with slurry or solid manure systems
  • Lime and high organic content for improved soil fertility
  • Long lasting and cost-effective
  • Switching to paper bedding for cattle = Potential Cost Savings
  • Widely used as bedding for other livestock too

Nationwide Delivery

Delivery in bulk (12-26 tonne-loads) to farms nationwide, you can trust us to provide a reliable, efficient service.

What our Customers Say:

We started using the ‘paper crumb’ bedding around 6 months ago now and are very much reaping the benefits using it in our milking cow cubicles.

“Our cubicles are soft deep beds, which we bed up twice a week. The beds stay dry which not only helps to reduce mastitis cases but also keeps the cows’ udder clean and dry making pre-dipping process faster and much easier.

“The average SCC/somatic cell count for the herd is standing between 50-60. On our farm we focus on ‘cow comfort’ so the use of the paper bedding in the deeper beds allows for optimum comfort, meaning there aren’t any rub sores or hock issues which is another benefit to the cows.”

Mr. W. (Cumbria)

We have found a great alternative to sand/green bedding with this product. Since changing from mattresses to deep beds in October, our cell counts have stayed the same and are still running at 90. The cows are getting the same benefits as they would in sand but without the issues with slurry tanks and channels. They keep extremely clean and lay very comfortable with hardly any hock damage. We find the paper crumb gives a cost-effective alternative for deep bedding. With the results we have had over the last 6 months, we will certainly continue to use this product for the foreseeable.”

Mr. L

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Good for your Cattle, Good for the Land, Good for the Planet

  • Recycle: We recycle paper waste into paper crumble using the latest recycling and drying technology.
  • Repurpose: The recycled paper is then repurposed into affordable and effective livestock bedding products, which can be reused further as an organic fertiliser to spread onto the land.


Need a competitive quote or further information? Contact one of our livestock bedding specialists:

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