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Safemix is a blend of high quality woodshavings and clean sterile woodchip. It was developed by Arden to address the long term shortage of high quality shavings for bedding.

Safemix is less prone to the shortages and cost fluctuations associated with most bedding products like straw and shavings so you can confidently plan ahead for a reliable and affordable supply.

Safemix is comfortable, clean and remains drier for longer while staying in place especially well for safe footing. It is most often used in deep litter beds, traditional stalls and in rings.


  • Highly Absorbent
  • Reduces Costs – Stays Drier For Longer
  • Bio-Secure – Inherently Clean Ingredients And Highly Effective Sanitisation
  • Improves Welfare
  • Reliable Supply

Safemix is available in a variety of formats:

Safemix In Bulk

Supplied in a variety of vehicle types and sizes to suit your needs. Safemix in bulk can be unloaded by tipping, blowing or walking floor vehicles.

DSC0212 dairy-safeBulk SAM1000A

Safemix In Maxibales

Large bales weighing approx. 280kg that are ideal for storage. They are easy to move about the farm with fork lift trucks and they break up and spread very easily exactly where you need them.

truck DSC_0157

Safemix In Top Up Bales

These are especially easy to handle and shake out reducing labour time and risk of manual handling injury.

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