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2 April, 3 months ago

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  Arden Wood Shavings Limited is committed to protecting and…

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Multipurpose Woodshavings

Multipurpose Woodshavings

Compact and easy to handle, Multipurpose bales are a popular choice for horse owners nationwide who require a value for money shavings product.

Multipurpose is predominantly white softwood shavings combined with a slightly darker wood content providing a comfortable, clean bedding for stabled horses. Multipurpose undergoes a unique dust extraction process which makes it a sensible choice for horses sensitive to airborne dust to improve respiratory health.


  • Dust Extracted
  • High Quality – mainly Softwood Shavings
  • Excellent Absorption
  • Can be used with Rubber Stablemats
  • Available in 20 kg (approx.) bales

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