The Supasorb Range of Liquid Spillage Absorbents

The Supasorb Range of Liquid Spillage Absorbents

Supasorb Universal Liquid Spillage Absorbent is the safe and cost effective answer to the problem of liquid spillages.

The Supasorb formula means it absorbs spills fast because it contains specially treated and processed soft wood fibres which, through a unique capillary action, work instantly and prevent spills from ‘creeping’.

Supasorb is non-flammable, non- toxic and chemically inert so it can be kept safely in or near any area where liquids are stored, used or transported.


Supasorb Particulate In Bags

Distinctively green in colour it can be applied to large areas of spill and its non- abrasive texture will not harm floor surfaces. It can also be used on thick deposits such as paint.
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Supasorb particulate comes in convenient 21 litre, 36 litre and 72 litre bags – all easy to carry and store.


Designed to deal with persistent leaks and to contain spills. Placed end to end Supasoks can cope with any size or shape of spill.