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31 October, 1 month ago

  Once again, Arden Wood Shavings is pleased to be…

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19 September, 3 months ago

Arden Wood Shavings, producer of Safemix poultry bedding, is once…

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All the ingredients used to make Arden’s products are exclusively derived from wood residues that are a by-product of wood manufacturing processes that in turn use wood only from sustainable sources

Because Arden uses only wood waste and by-products, no extra trees are felled to make its products.

Arden is accredited by the Environment Agency as a re-processor of wood residues and as such is subject to the strict controls and auditing regime operated by the EA.

 Arden Wood Shavings Ltd – Environmental Management System

Environmental Policy

Arden Wood Shavings Ltd has over 30 years’ experience of supplying wood shavings and sawdust bedding for many animals.   It is now one of the largest producers of animal bedding in the UK.

Arden’s Environmental Management System (EMS) has achieved ISO14001 certification and its environmental action plan sets targets for improving its environmental performance.

Arden Wood Shavings is committed to the protection of the environment by taking relevant actions including:

  • Setting environmental objectives and targets for activities with significant environmental impact;
  • Continually monitoring, reviewing, understanding and controlling the range of environmental impacts arising from its activities;
  • Minimising its waste and then reusing or recycling as much of it as possible;
  • Preventing air, ground, water and noise pollution from its premises and reducing any impacts from its operations on the environment and local community;
  • Improving resource and energy efficiency;
  • Improving pollution incident response;
  • Ensuring that it complies with relevant compliance obligations;
  • Increasing environmental awareness and relevant training to all staff;
  • Promoting environmental awareness amongst its suppliers and contractors;

Arden will allocate suitable and sufficient resources to implement appropriate systems so that this policy can be adhered to.

Senior management will take overall responsibility for ensuring that this policy is fully adopted by the Company. All employees and sub-contractors are expected to co-operate and assist in the implementation of this policy. This includes co-operating with management on any environment related matter.

Arden is committed to continuous improvement of the environmental management system to enhance its environmental performance.

Christopher Stanford

Managing Director

 February 2018

ISO 14001 Environmental Standard Logo